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Create a Gorgeous Winter Frozen World with Solar Night Lights

Winter has its own beauty but is cold. why not make this frozen world warmer and more attractive with solar energy?

Frozen World with Solar Lighting

When it comes to winter, we will think about the cold, snow and ice. Many people do not like winter because of these things. However, there are many positive things about winter as well. Winter is a beautiful season of the year with its breathtaking scenery and wonderful activities that you can do outdoors. It also has its own beauty. The colors of the nature look amazing when covered by white frosty coat.

Winter solar lighting solutions
Winter is beautiful

In the Disney movie Frozen, there is a scene where Elsa and Anna are playing in the winter frozen world. They build a snowman and play in the snow.  It was so magical and beautiful that it left me speechless. The whole place seemed like a fairytale land with its sparkling ice castles, soft powdery snowflakes, crystal clear ice cube and glowing sunrays. All these scenes are so adorable and they really made me want to be a part of it. I wish that someday I can see this magical place with my own eyes. It will be amazing if we could travel there  and experience all those beautiful things firsthand.

There is a song that says “The cold never bothered me anyway”. So, this Winter, why not make it more beautiful? Here are some tips on making your winter more exciting and fun with some lighting tricks.

Let's talk about three principles about using solar lighting to create a beautiful frozen world.

1, Always the Matching

solar candy cane stake lights
The solar lights should match well with landscape

In the snowy days, everything is white and looks like a beautiful painting. The purity makes the surroundings peaceful, elegant, quiet, and romantic. But with the help of solar lights, you can add some colors to your winter world and make it more lively!

To match well with the landscape, choose the color of solar lights and brightness that is similar to the surrounding environment.

For example, if you are in a snow-covered forest, choose white lights. If you have green grass in your yard, choose solar garden lights that have a similar green color. If you are in an urban area with many buildings, try colorful ones to make it more lively.

It is safe to choose some warm colors like red, orange and yellow. They will make your winter more exciting and pleasant to look at, which will never go wrong.

2, Combination and Overall Effect

Solar meteor shower lights
Combination of several types of solar lights

Sometimes we will feel bored looking at the snow scene because everything is white and seems the same.

To solve it, you can try combining different shapes and sizes of solar lighting products for better results! You don’t have to stick with one type of solar light; mix them up for different effects.

You can create some interesting effects by using solar lights in different ways. For example: use solar projector light to create vivid effect, hang some meteor lights on branches so they look like icicles hanging from above; place some solar lanterns under trees to make them look like Christmas gifts. And you can not miss the snowflake, which is the main character in a frozen world. The snowflakes fall from the sky like a blanket of white glittering diamonds, making it feel so magical and romantic. Solar lights can also add some magic to these beautiful white landscapes by creating a sparkling effect that is sure to impress everyone who sees them. The most important element you should not forget is snowman, a cute snow man with smiling can absolutely add a lot of fun to your frozen world. Snowman is a symbol of Christmas, so it will always be the most popular decoration for Christmas parties.

3, Pay attention to the working efficiency of solar lights

Solar String Light Bulb
Solar String Light Bulb

In winter, the sunlight becomes weaker compared to the summertime. You need to be aware that the solar lights are not as efficient as they used to be.

If you are located in a place with less sunlight, you may need more solar lights to fully illuminate your winter frozen wonderland.

It is also important to make sure that your solar lights are fully charged. If the battery is not fully charged, it will not be bright enough and its working efficiency will decline quickly.

In order to maintain the high working efficiency of solar light, we can follow these tips:

1) Choose the solar light with large solar panel. The size of the solar panel can be an indicator of how much power it will generate. A larger solar panel means more energy can be converted in a single unit time and better performance in darkness!

2) According to different production raw materials, in terms of solar energy conversion efficiency, monocrystalline silicon is higher than polycrystalline silicon, and polycrystalline silicon is higher than amorphous silicon. Monocrystalline silicon is always the best choice in winter though it is always more expensive.

3) Replace the inbuilt batteries with larger-capacity rechargeable batteries. A battery with a larger capacity can have more current for the solar light to illuminate. On a clear day, the larger capacity battery can absorb more power, and after a night of lighting, the battery will have remaining power. This will enable the solar light to work properly on cloudy days or days with insufficient sunlight.

Though it sounds a bit complicated, solar lights are actually quite simple. They’re a great way to light up your home or garden without having to pay for electricity bills while eco-friendly and save energy.

The solar night light can give you some warmth in the frozen world.

Following is some recommendations that you can choose to create your lovely winter frozen world.

Twinkling Solar Snowflake Lights

The Solar Snowflake Lights are stunning, sparkling, and ideal for the frozen world! The snowflake-shaped string lights will resemble snowflakes falling from the sky when they are lighted up at night, adding romance to your garden. Your house or yard will have a magical feel thanks to the shimmering lights.

Solar Snowflake Projector Laser Light

Solar Snowflake Projector is popular decoration lighting in holiday light displays. They are perfect for your house or place of business since they are cost-effective and simple to install. These ornamental solar laser lights are made to cast snowflakes onto your home or other structures, instantly bringing winter and a wonderful mood. It’s quite fun to finding moving snowflakes in the frozen world.

Snowman Solar Lights

The Snowman Solar Lights are stunning and fashionable, and they are constructed entirely of natural resin. That material is translucent and colorful and has a sweet snowman form. The snowman has a round face, large black eyes, and is grinning while donning a scarf and cap. He can always make your house or yard cozy and you will not feel cold with him in the frozen world. The snowman lights are a terrific idea since they will welcome you home and make a lovely sound. The Snowman Solar Lights are unquestionably the best option if you want to give your yard or house a new look. They are fantastic for holidays and other events as well.

Ice Cube Solar Lights

Ice cube always plays an important role in a frozen world. The glass brick-like form of the Ice Cube Solar Lights makes them gorgeous. Through the frosted material, the light beam becomes gentle, creating a romantic ambiance that may be added to a garden or sidewalk. As paver lights, they may be buried amid the sand or dirt to provide a clear line of sight across your garden.

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