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Outdoor Uplighting Makes Garden & House Stand Out

Uplighting is a technique favored by all garden and landscape designers. It works really perfect not only for trees but also for statues, water features.

Garden Uplights

What is uplighting?

Uplighting is a technique favored by all garden and landscape designers. Outdoor uplighting involves highlighting certain parts of your garden or landscape. Uplights consists of lighting fixtures placed on the ground to cast light upwards onto plants and other features, thus creating dramatic shadows or simply as an accent. The effect is similar to that of a spotlight shining up from below, but without the need for additional equipment.

Garden uplights / Outdoor Uplighting

Outdoor Uplighting  for Garden and House
Outdoor Uplighting

When it comes to garden uplights or outdoor uplighting, a common example of uplighting is using garden uplights on trees and plants, making them stand out from their surroundings. Alternative could be placing lights underneath trees, and on the ground near plants. Uplighting works really perfect not only for tree but also for statues, water features, and so on. We will talk about these in the article.

How to uplight a statue?

Ootdoor Uplighting for a statue
Outdoor Uplighting a statue can be really beautiful

Uplighting a statue outdoor will make it stand out from its surroundings and be more visible in the night. The effect of uplighting a statue is really beautiful. There are some other ways you can try to uplight your staute:

1)You can use these lights to highlight a particular part of the statue, like its face or hands.

2)Placing lights around it

3)Placing lights behind it (if it’s made of glass)

4)Placing lights on top of the pedestal or table on which the statue stands. This is the most common method, just placing solar uplights directly underneath the statue.

How to uplight water features?

Garden Uplights water feature
Solar Fountain with Uplights RGB

Water features outdoor are beautiful and add a lot of charm to any garden. If you are thinking about creating a stunning water feature, then it’s also important to consider how to uplight it. It will not only bring your garden to life but will help create an amazing ambience for any party or event.

To uplight them, you should place the lights in the water or around the fountain. This will make them look like they’re floating on top of the water, which looks really cool! Or you can use solar powered lights that don’t have to be wired up.

How to uplight trees?

How to uplight trees
Tree Uplighting

Using lights to uplight trees outdoor is a great way to make them look more beautiful. It’s also a very popular feature in many gardens and gives the impression that they are floating in mid-air.

I enjoy uplighting trees, especially those with distinctive bark. When illuminated from below, trees with snake-bark maple, Tibetan cherries, and birches appear almost otherworldly.

Tree Uplighting
Uplights in the branches

I have seen many different ways of uplighting trees. You can place outdoor solar powered lights in the branches or on the ground around them. All you have to do to create this lovely shadow play and shifting light up in the canopy is to install a spotlight or an inground uplight at the foot of the tree and then let the light beam up.

If you want to go a little more high tech, you could use a remote control that lets you turn the lights on or off from a distance,

How to create an amazing ambience with outdoor uplighting? It’s important to consider how your garden will look when it’s lit up. Think about what colours, styles and types of lighting you want before making any purchases!

Where to place uplighting on house?

Where to place uplighting on house
House Uplighting

Uplighting is perfect for bringing attention to architectural details like pillars and arches, as well as highlighting plant life inside or outside your home. If you have a small house, you may want to place one light on each side of the house. If you have a large house, then you can put an uplight on each side as well as in front and back of your home.

The best place to place uplighting on your home is on the outside of the house, just underneath the eaves. This will give it a really nice effect and it won’t be too bright that it hurts your eyes or overpowers everything else around it. If you put the solar uplights under the eaves, it is better to choose a solar light with external solar panel so that it can get enough solar power even it is placed under eaves.

If you want to create a beautiful lighting effect that will highlight the architecture of your home, then place an uplight in front of each window. You need to put enough uplights for your house. Sometimes people don't want to spend the money and buy all the lights they need or they don't know how many they need to design their landscape correctly. A good design rule of how many uplights you will need for your house is to put a light on each side of the window. It is easy to count as you can tell how many windows are there in your house. if this home had any trees out front, put an uplight in front of the tree. In addition, you will need to put an uplight on each side of the door.

Dos and Don’ts to avoid when using solar uplights

First of all, you have to make sure the outdoor solar uplights can get enough sunlight to get its inbuilt battery fully charged. Since it is normally installed below objects to emit upward light, it may sometimes be under the shadow in the daytime, causing the solar uplights to work improperly. Just check before installing it.

Second, keep your fixture from being too near or far from the object you are uplighting. For instance, if you position the uplight too close to a tree, just a portion of the tree will be illuminated and the remainder would be entirely black. However, if you place it too far from the tree, the entire tree will be lighted up and appear rather washed out. A decent rule of thumb is to position the light around one and a half feet away from the object you are illuminating.

Thirdly, kindly use identical-colored uplights. It won't look good if you buy a bulb that is blue color and put it on the left side of the home and then buy a bulb that is a white color and put it on the right side of the house. Applying four distinct colors to one house looks pretty absurd. One piece of advice is to get landscape lights in very basic colors. Usually, people will choose a 2700K, but most choose for a 3000K. So don't buy it if it doesn't state the exact color temperature. Ensure that each and every one of your uplights is the same tone of color.


Outdoor uplighting is a great way to add some personality and beauty to your garden. Hopefully this article has helped point you in the right direction so that the next time you want to know what kind of landscape uplighting do you need for your home or garden, you'll soon have the answer.

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