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How can solar energy be collected and stored?

How can we harness the sun's energy during the day and utilize it anytime we want? Battery!

With a storage battery and a few AC outlets for powering small appliances, devices, lights, and even power tools, this sort of arrangement begins to appear more familiar. "Plug-and-play" systems are typically under 100 watts and compact enough to be carried anywhere. Consider them a quiet substitute for a small gas-powered generator. Camping, emergency electricity, recreation, powering small garages and utility buildings, and other similar purposes are all possible with them. Prepackaged systems are available from providers, or you may create your own from individual components. Between the solar panel and the devices that use the electricity, many pieces of electrical equipment are added in this system:

Charge controller. The amount of electricity entering into the battery is regulated by a charge controller, which protects the battery from being overcharged.

• 12 volt battery. When the sun is shining, the battery stores the energy and makes it available at night.

• Inverter. The inverter transforms DC electricity from the battery into AC power, which most appliances and gadgets require. Although DC appliances and lights are available, there is a limited range and they are sometimes more expensive. DC appliances and lights, on the other hand, do not require an inverter.

• Small catastrophe fuse. A small-capacity fuse is installed on the positive wire between the battery and the PV panel as a safety measure.

A basic solar power system makes life much simpler in a yurt. A battery supplies power for a few small gadgets and a light inside the yurt.

On highways, solar-powered road signs are prevalent. The light is connected to a battery that stores the energy generated by the PV panel. The battery is protected from overcharging by a charge controller.

Buoy lights are a great way to put a solar panel and batteries to good use. No other power source comes near to operating as good as this one and at such a low cost.

For a trip away from the power grid, a solar panel plus a compact deep-cycle battery are a cleaner, quieter, and lighter source of temporary power.

Source: DIY Solar Projects

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