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How to Select Color for Solar Swimming Pool Lights?

Everyone's initial reaction to pool lights is that they are lamps that are used for illumination and adornment. They are typically found in hot springs, fountains, and swimming pools. There are several light colors (red, yellow, green, blue, purple, and white), to show stunning lighting effects, and transform. Pool Underwater Lights constructed by solar technology are known as solar pool lights. They are more ecologically friendly than conventional underwater pool lights, and the illumination variations are more dynamic, with a stronger aesthetic impact. It is often used in several landscape lighting projects.

How is the color temperature change the light color?

The color temperature of LED underwater lamps, which is often described as the Kelvin scale, an absolute thermodynamic temperature scale, is the primary factor in how their color changes, and different color temperatures correlate to different colors.

Color varies from it color temperature
Color Temperature

The light is a yellowish tone at 3000K. Given that people are very sensitive to yellow light, most automobiles' fog lights and streetlights on roadways often utilize this yellow color of light.

yellow LED Beads of solar pool light
Light with yellow LED Beads

Additionally, people will feel warm under the yellowish light, which is appropriate for cold locations or time periods when the temperature is low.

Warm white light with a color temperature between natural light and warm light—between 3300K and 5300K—gives people a cozy sensation. The experience might be substantially enhanced by the installation of such lighting in the hot spring pool or SPA.

SPA room with warm white lights
Warm White Color Creates the Cozy Feeling

The color temperature of fluorescent bulbs is between 5500 and 6000K, which is close to the color temperature of natural sunshine.

The light starts to be blue at the color temperature between 7000K to 8000K, creating a mild hue like the hazy sky. High color temperatures will produce more blue light, which should be mentioned. When the color temperature is higher than 3000K, blue light energy will rise. It generates short-wavelength and high-energy waves. And the retina is particularly harmed by this short-wavelength blue light.

Blue Light can be harmful to eyes
Retina is particularly harmed by blue light

Therefore, if you use solar pool lights with a color temperature higher than 6500K, it is necessary to control the time and protect swimmers' eyesight.

Blue solar pool light
Solar Underwater Light with Blue Color

Cold knowledge: The Connection Between Lighting Distance and Light Color

The lights are bright and lovely, but do you know which colors can be seen well underwater?

When LED lights are used on land, the light spreads through the air; when they are used underwater, the light must go through liquid water. Air is not as fluid as water. In order to pick the appropriate solar underwater lights, we must thus consider the diffraction effect of the light while choosing the hue of the light in addition to measuring its penetrating power.

Wavelength and frequency of different light colors
Wavelength and Frequency should be Considered

The energy of the light, which is directly connected to its frequency, determines its capacity for penetration. Generally speaking, the more energy a light possesses and the more penetrating it is, the higher the frequency. The frequency of violet light is the highest. However, although having a significant capacity to penetrate water, due to the medium's fluidity, violet light cannot irradiate distant locations.

Violet lights
Violet Light has strongest penetration capacity

The wavelength of light determines the effect of diffraction. The longer the wavelength, the more obvious the diffraction effect.  Red light has the greatest potential for diffraction since it has the longest wavelength among the seven hues of light. Red lights are used as indicator lights at aircraft takeoff and landing locations as well as all of the beacon lights positioned in the water.

red light
Red Light has the longest wavelength

Red light, however, is not bright enough for lighting. Light waves with medium wavelengths are the greatest for daily illumination because they have the best photosensitive impact on the sensory cells in the eyes.

Swimming pool with yellow lights
Yellow light is considered to be the most suitable for a pool

Yellow light has a longer wavelength than green, blue, and purple light, and its diffraction ability is greater than those lights with those colors. However, the capacity to penetrate is more powerful than red light. In a word, to choose the appropriate solar p ool lights, we should consider both the wavelength and the frequencies of the LED lights.

Let's look at different usage scenarios when choosing the color of solar pool lights.

It is important to get some ideas from cases.

Yellow Lights - Winter SPA / Hot Spring

hot spring with yellow lights
Hot Spring with Yellow Lights

Yellow is cheerful, vibrant, cozy, and full of vitality and optimism. Winter is the perfect time to install yellow lights in hot springs / SPA since the good feeling emerges quickly.

Green Lights - Tropics Style

Swimming pool with green lights
Green Lights Bring the Tropical Style

Green, which stands for life, health, and vigor, might improve feelings of joy. Even if you're not in Hawaii, you may still get the tropical Hawaiian vibe by turning on a green light in the pool.

Blue light - Coolest Summer

Swimming pool with blue lights
Blue Lights Creates Cool Feelings

Swimming is more enjoyable during the summer. The beautiful blue color of the solar pool light is reminiscent of lake and ocean water. The placement of blue lights in the pool can serve as a psychological cue and add to a sensation of coolness.

Purple Lights - Late Night Party / Carnival

swimming pool with violet lights
Choose Purple Lights when you are a party guy

The color purple is associated with enchantment and glitz. Add purple lighting to the pool, let the enigmatic purple linger there, create a festive mood, and create a highly attractive and popular swimming pool.

So now you are aware of how to select the color of a solar pool light. The waterproof swimming pool light that may be submerged or used as a spotlight to illuminate a circle around the above-ground swimming pool is suggested in the following.

Let various lighting colors to enrich the ambiance of various scenes.

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