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What Are The Best Lights For Decking? Three Solar Deck Lights You Can Try

People like to have a deck in their garden because it provides a space for outdoor relaxation and entertaining, allows them to enjoy their backyard or garden in a comfortable and functional area, and adds aesthetic value to their property. Decks can also increase the living space of a home, provide a place to barbecue, host gatherings with friends and family, and create an environment to enjoy nature and fresh air.

A deck is typically a flat or slightly elevated platform or surface. Other common elements of a deck include railing, steps or ramps for access, and built-in seating or storage. Decks may be made of various materials, including wood, composite materials, or metal, and can be designed in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the specific needs and preferences.

To make a gathering enjoyable, appropriate lighting is important. Here we introduce three types of solar lights and how they can be used to illuminate a deck:

#1. Solar String Lights – Ambient Lights for Decking

Solar string lights are considered ambient lights for decking because they provide a soft, warm and subtle lighting atmosphere. They emit a low level of light that creates a cozy and relaxed mood, adding to the overall ambiance of the decking area. They can also be used to highlight certain features or areas of the deck, while also providing enough illumination to allow for safe movement around the space. The flexibility of solar string lights makes it easy to arrange and customize the lighting to meet the specific needs and preference.

Solar string lights are popular choice and come in various styles and sizes. They can be hung along the railing or perimeter of the deck to enhance its ambiance. Here are a few popular ways.

1) Wrapped around railings or posts in a deck - this creates a warm, cozy glow along the edges of the deck.

  • Zigzag pattern: Wrap the lights back and forth across the railing or post in a zigzag pattern for a fun and playful look.

  • Spiral pattern: Wrap the lights in a spiral pattern for a unique and eye-catching display.

  • Weave pattern: Weave the lights in and out of the railing or post for a more intricate look.

2) Hanging from the ceiling of the deck - you can use hooks or rope to hang solar string lights from the deck's overhead structure, which can provide even lighting for the entire deck.

  • In a draping or cascading pattern, like a waterfall, for a dramatic and chic look.

  • In a geometric pattern, such as a triangle or square, for a modern and stylish look.

3) Draped along walls of a deck - this can help to highlight any decorative features on the walls, such as plants or artwork.